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Electronic Giving (e-giving)


The electronic giving option (e-giving) is an easy, convenient way to make your financial contributions to your parish. You may already be making mortgage, auto, tuition, cable bill, or insurance payments through automatic withdrawal from a checking or saving account. Now you can do the same for your donations to the parish.

Regular donations to the parish are a statement of your commitment and belonging ­– a thankful prayer. This method of sharing from your heart the abundance with which God has blessed you is easy and has many benefits.

Benefits of e-giving 

  • Convenient, safe, and confidential
  • No more writing checks or remembering to bring your envelope
  • Make consistent, regular donations to your parish even when vacation, business, illness, or other circumstances prevent you from coming to Mass
  • Customize and plan your giving; coordinate your offering with your paycheck
  • Make special and one-time donations such as Easter, Christmas, and Holy Day
  • Access your records from anywhere, 24 hours a day

How does e-giving work?

Click here and simply follow the instructions to register. You may set up withdrawals from your checking or savings account (known as ACH transactions) or authorize charges to a credit card at whatever frequency or on whatever date works for you. The funds are transferred automatically to the parish bank account. You receive an email confirmation of the donation, and your donation is entered in the parish database. You may cancel your participation at any time. There is no long-term commitment.

What does it cost?

E-Giving costs you nothing and saves you time. The parish pays a nominal transaction fee to the service provider for checking/savings authorizations. The cost to the parish is higher for credit/debit card transactions. For this reason, you may wish to select the automatic withdrawal option to avoid additional costs to the parish.

Is it safe?

The system is completely safe and confidential. No one at the parish has access to our account numbers. No one at the parish has access to your account numbers. The service is provided by NCS Services, Inc., a leader in providing online giving services to churches.

If I still want to participate in offering my gifts at Mass, what do I place in the collection basket?

You will receive an email receipt of your donation. You may put the receipt in the collection basket as a visible sign of your generosity.

Getting started is easy

  • Click here
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to register and begin!