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Faith Formation Team

Faith Formation Team

Our faith formation program serves children, youth, and adults of our community – wherever they are in their faith journey (English, Spanish, Vietnamese). Some 400 elementary and middle school students are enrolled in the Religious Education programs. Teens participate in the confirmation process. Adults take advantage of enrichment programs offered through the year. The members of the catechetical team, all volunteers, are the people who make this happen. Their commitment to our parish is their manner of giving back to God in gratitude for his generosity. None of this is possible without a faith formation team.

Become a Catechist

  • Help our children, youth, and adults connect faith with life
  • Pass on the richness of our Catholic faith, our beliefs, our rituals, and spiritual traditions to the parish community’s children, teens, and adults.
  • Meet wonderful people
  • Be involved and have a say
  • Share the gift of faith
  • Learn about your faith
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Be surprised

Get Started

  • No prior experience required
  • Begin as an assistant to learn the basics
  • Become a Certified Catechist through ministry formation programs
  • Select the level you prefer – Elementary, Middle School, Confirmation, or Adults/RCIA

Training and Resources

  • Curriculum materials provided
  • Support and mentoring from fellow catechists
  • Orientation and training sessions
  • Ministry formation programs
  • Congresses, workshops, and retreats

Bill Sparks, Faith Formation Director
Parish Center
818.341.6634, ext. 1012

Karina Villanueva, Religious Education Coordinator
818.341.6634, ext. 1016

J. P. Fernandez, Youth Ministry and Confirmation Coordinator
Parish Center
818.341.6634, ext. 1018